A little about Claudia

I love learning about the body. It has been a passion and hobby forever. I love learning and I love learning how to effect change for positive outcomes regarding the body, mind and spirit. I have studied alternative therapies for over 20 years. I believe the answers to improved mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health are to be found in the non-conventional modalities. I believe vibration and frequency play a huge roll in health as do nutrition, exercise, water intake and spiritual practice.


"A life lived for others is the only life worth living"

- Albert Einstein


  • Trained and certified in massage therapy in Atascadero, CA
  • The Body Code® System
  • The Emotion Code
  • Trained in Lypossage by the creator, Charles Wiltsie
  • MPS Intro Course
  • MPS Integrative Advanced Circuits One and Two


  • Virginia State Board of Nursing
  • Emotion Code Practitioner
  • Body Code Practitioner
  • Belief Code Practitioner
  • County of Fairfax, Virginia
  • Town of Herndon, Virginia


I have studied Acupressure, MPS, Deep Tissue, Emotion Code, Body Code, Sports, Reflexology, Lypossage, Shiatsu, Thai, Touch for Health Kinesiology, Brain Gym, and Pranic Healing.

**Pranic Healing is a modality I studied this winter. It is another form of moving energies to achieve mental, physical, and emotional health and well-being. It is a deep dive into learning how the chakras function. The functionality of each chakra directly relates to specific body parts, physical systems and has emotional correlations so when a chakra isn’t functioning appropriately, we aren’t either. Assessing the state of our Aura is important too as it has a direct effect on one’s well-being. I use this with Body Code energy work to treat one’s entire body, mind, and spirit. The spiritual nature of working with the Aura and Chakras facilitates a deeper connection with the divine and our higher selves.

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