So… the big change from the first EC session was a psychological one… Most of my life I have talked to myself (I’m my own best audience!) and it typically helps me work out problems, figure things out or resolve things. Over the last 6 or 7 years, since I was more involved in my parent’s affairs, I have found myself rehashing situations or things they have done to me. Like scratching an itch or picking a scab, I kept revisiting issues and scenarios. But never really moving on from them. Just re-airing my grievances once again. I realized I was doing it more than I should, and it clearly wasn’t really being a help. After our session, a thought came to me about something they had done in the past. Normally I would have gone down the same “blah, blah, blah…” path on that issue. So imagine my surprise when, this time, I thought about it and said – “that’s boring, I don’t need to do that…” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ever since our session, I have not revisited a single issue about my parents. If something crossed my mind, I could dispel it and move forward. In our session we hit on a lot of anger, bitterness and betrayal energy, and I think it definitely made a difference. While the knee hasn’t changed a lot, this was a lot more beneficial. We can continue to work on the knee, and I bet it will improve. I am just stunned at what a difference that session made. I have always felt I’ve been able to move past a lot of negative thoughts/energy, but clearly I was more stuck than I thought.

So thank you very much for making such a difference in our first session! I look forward to more good results!!

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